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Stoney Hill Farm Report

    So in our first Farm Report (and only one thus far), we used the word "weekly". That was an unintentional lie. It was great then because we had a lot happening and we were excited to share. We are still excited to share but have found that time does not always allow for it, at least not right now. So for the time being we'll have random farm reports. It'll be a nice little surprise for you when we put one out.

    There's really not a lot to report this time. Not because we haven't been busy. The Farm Boss works a full time job in sales 20 minutes away from our homestead. His hours are not created equal so that takes up a lot of his time. It's a necessary evil right now. He's the largest part of the muscle and brains behind this whole operation. Some things, many things, have to be put on hold or worked on as his schedule allows. We hope and pray that will change in good time and that our diligence and hard work will pay off. The kids and I contribute by keeping up on chores and any extra projects we can help out with during the day. He's got some good farm hands, just ask me. 

    Around the farm, it's a bit slow right now. Our vegetable garden is a sad, neglected mess. It's totally my fault. It needs to be weeded and tended to but it keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the to do list. Somehow, we are still getting peppers and tomatoes from it though! As a matter of fact, I'm going to try to can salsa today. 

    Mac, our ol' trouble makin' farm dog has gone missing. He very much likes to go up to the church just up the road from us to socialize (and mostly to pee on things). He was in heaven as they've had vacation Bible School this week. So many kids he didn't know what to do! It's strange that he didn't make it back home so we're not exactly sure what happened. That dog made me SO mad so many times. He used to chase us when we left the drive until I clipped him one day. 😲 (Not on purpose!) I thought I'd killed him! He survived and needless to say, learned to quit chasing cars. He has chewed up countless items... new porch rugs, wicker chairs, toys, water hoses, the list goes on and on. But I do hate that he's not here to keep that "watch dog" eye on the kids; following them absolutely everywhere. He was their faithful companion. 

    I PROMISE more on the chicken coop is coming. That's one of those things that has had to take a back seat. We're so, so close on it. 

    We do have some other exciting things going on that have recently required a lot of our time and effort. We can't reveal too much just yet. Sorry, you'll have to wait! We are working on them constantly however, and hoping it will all come together soon. You all will certainly be the first to know!

     The Farm Report may not be super exciting this time around but don't give up on us just yet! We are working on this sun up to sun down, I guarantee it. We have so many ideas and projects to get to. We are still in the baby step stage. We hope you stick around to find fun and humor in following us through the craziness of it all.

    Until next time, we're back to work!

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