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Dreams don't work unless you do.

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." -- Earl Nightingale

We're dreamers, my husband and I. BIG dreamers... Visionaries, day dreamers, wishful thinkers. We're always talking about how we could, or should, do this or that. Our long car rides and late nights are usually full of "dreamy" conversations. I love it. I love that we feel like we can accomplish anything together. We are also hard workers. Willing to take on about anything especially if it means working toward our dream.

So we're starting a new journey. We're working to make one of our dreams unfold. That dream is to farm and homestead. (Enter shrill of excitement here.) Not as a hobby, but full time. Our goal in this crazy dream? To provide for our family a life that is so much more simple. A life that is less complicated and less demanding. You may be thinking we've lost our ever lovin' mind or why?! I have to admit that, once or twice, there has been a twinge of fear creep up in me --causing me to think the same thing and question what we're getting ourselves into. But life is so much more than showing up to work and making money for someone else, along with all the hustle and bustle to keep up. Life should be enjoyable.

So, we've hit the ground running! Here we are, raring to go. Now mind you, the Farm Boss, as I've so affectionately dubbed him, still has an outside job. At this point it's needed. This means that our farm and homesteading projects get taken care of and worked on as possible. But our eyes are focused forward, not giving up on this dream because, remember the above quote, "the time will pass anyway".

We invite you to share in our journey to become farmers and homesteaders. Farmsteaders? Is that a word? Mmm, maybe it'll catch on. 😄 We want to give you an inside glimpse to the ups and downs of our journey. We want it to be raw, real, truthful. We know that it will not all be success. There is sure to be a lot of learning along the way. We hope you experience fun, humor, joy, sadness and so many other things as we share our journey with you.

Come back and visit 'cause life is better on the farm!

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